With a bustling minimally invasive pancreatic surgery practice at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Marty Makary hardly has spare time to speak of. However, he did steal a few moments here and there to reflect on the U.S. healthcare system. The result was Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care, his New York Times bestselling book on accountability in healthcare and its role in patient safety.

Makary will make his way to Atlanta on July 28 to serve as a plenary speaker at AACC’s 2015 Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, and he will share his perspective on improving the safety culture in healthcare, obtaining consistently improved outcomes for various conditions, and lowering overall costs. A pioneer in research involving the use of surgical checklists, Dr. Makary also will discuss how certain tools can help reduce the risk of errors in medicine, including surveying healthcare workers about the quality of care in their institutions, following checklists similar to those used in the airline industry, and public reporting of health delivery quality indicators by both hospitals and physicians.

In addition to his plenary session, “Art, Assassination, and America: How Transparency Disrupts an Industry and Changes a Nation,” Makary will participate in a Meet the Expert session, also on July 28, in which attendees can discuss with him in an intimate setting concepts around patient safety and healthcare transparency.

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