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Biosero and Analytik Jena Partner on Automated Liquid Handling Workflow

Industry Playbook: June 2023

Biosero and Analytik Jena have entered a comarketing agreement to promote applications of their combined laboratory automation technologies.

Analytik Jena offers innovative laboratory instrumentation for numerous scientific applications. These include the Biometra TRobot II, a thermal cycler for PCR; the qTOWER real-time PCR thermal cycler with a 12-color plate scanner; and the CyBio FeliX liquid handler. The CyBioFeliX platform allows liquid handling in automated laboratory setups and is suitable for several applications.
Biosero provides Green Button Go laboratory automation software to schedule, coordinate, and manage the physical flow of materials and the digital flow of information on a single workstation, throughout an entire laboratory, or across facilities on a research campus.

The comarketing agreement showcases the value of pairing Analytik Jena instrumentation with Green Button Go software for a seamless, fully automated experience that allows users to increase laboratory productivity while minimizing hands-on time, the companies said.


PerkinElmer has completed divestiture of its Applied, Food, and Enterprise Services businesses to the New Mountain Capital investment firm.

The resulting life sciences and diagnostics business is focused on developing and delivering novel scientific breakthroughs. It will share the PerkinElmer name pending approval of a new name, PerkinElmer officials said.

The company’s two core business areas, life sciences and diagnostics, help drive scientific innovation impacting human health. Within life sciences, the company is focused on supporting pharmaceutical and academic scientific advancement from the earliest stage of discovery all the way to the clinic. In diagnostics, the company develops new assays, systems, and complete workflows to help better diagnose diseases throughout the continuum of care of human health across all lab settings.

New Mountain Capital officials said they look forward to partnering with the new PerkinElmer business to drive continued growth and innovation for the benefit of all stakeholders including the company’s customers, employees, and other business partners.


Vector Laboratories has bought both Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes to better serve partners across biopharma and the life sciences.

Vector specializes in innovative proteomic and glycomic research solutions, while Click Chemistry manufactures chemistry linkers used in sets of chemical reactions that rapidly, specifically, and efficiently join molecular building blocks to form new compounds, as well as labeling reagents. Fluoroprobes specializes in developing fluorescent probes and dyes.

These acquisitions aim to expand Vector Laboratories’ manufacturing and bioconjugation capabilities. The acquisitions contribute to their long-term strategy to accelerate the pace of protein detection innovation. Additionally, the acquisitions expand the company’s capabilities and technology for labeling, detecting, and conjugating products. Overall, Vector officials hope that this will enable them to offer a new level of flexibility in what customers can accomplish with Vector tools.

Company officials also noted that they have acquired a manufacturing facility that will increase security of supplies for customers.


Qiagen has a new strategic partnership with Servier, a global pharmaceutical group, to develop a companion diagnostic test for Tibsovo, an isocitrate dehydrogenase-1 (IDH1) inhibitor indicated for the treatment of the blood cancer acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

AML is a hard-to-treat cancer of the blood and bone marrow. IDH1 mutations are present in 6−10% of AML cases. Under the agreement, Qiagen will develop and validate a real-time PCR test that can be used to detect IDH1 gene mutations in AML patients’ whole blood and bone marrow aspirates.

The companion diagnostic will run on the Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q MDx device. Qiagen’s regulatory teams will support clinical validation and its approval in the U.S., the European Union, and Japan.
Qiagen officials said the partnership benefits AML patients and strengthens the company’s ability to develop companion onco-hematology diagnostics.

Servier officials expect the partnership will help expand patients’ global access to Tibsovo.


Spectrum Solutions recently announced acquisition of Alimetrix and Microarrays.

Spectrum Solutions said that the acquisition, combined with its contract manufacturing and unique biospecimen collection devices, results in a portfolio of products and services that enhance the overall patient testing experience.

Alimetrix’s molecular laboratory capabilities and Microarrays’ expertise in manufacturing array-based products, now coupled with Spectrum’s capabilities, create a comprehensive suite of products and services that accelerates Spectrum’s market strategies.

Spectrum’s core services include assay development, contract manufacturing, and clinical testing business support services, as well as Spectrum SimplyTest, a family of validated, highly sensitive multiplex laboratory-developed tests for both direct-to-consumer and physician-directed testing. Another key service is Spectrum Compounding RX Pharmacy, an onsite, multistate licensed, patient-specific compounding pharmacy partner with direct-to-patient dispensing capabilities.

Spectrum officials said the acquisitions will enhance the company’s portfolio and help the company develop a transformative, decentralized healthcare platform aimed at innovating biospecimen collection and laboratory testing.

Alimetrix and Microarrays officials said that joining forces with Spectrum will extend their capabilities to more people and help individuals and communities take control of their health.