The Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis (ACP) has entered a collaboration with Regeneron Genetics Center that will sequence the entire exome region of all DNA samples in the ACP biospecimen repository. The ACP repository is an open-access research resource that contains biosamples from more than 3,200 participants. Sample donors include people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), neuromyelitis optica, and other related diseases, as well as control participants. Regeneron will use its fully automated sample preparation and data processing as well as its cloud-based informatics to sequence the exomes of these samples. Regeneron will then return the data to ACP, which will eventually make the data available to all qualified investigators for further studies. “Combining this new genetic information with the extensive phenotypic information collected for each sample donor will undoubtedly lead to new insights on the causes and mechanisms of multiple sclerosis,” said Robert McBurney, PhD, president and CEO of ACP.