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Anthem Blue Cross Launches Program to Improve Genetic Testing

Industry Playbook: October 2017

In an effort to tackle the challenges raised by the growing field of genetic testing, Anthem Blue Cross has introduced Genetic Testing Solution, a program intended to promote appropriate use of genetic tests and educate providers about these tests’ clinical and financial aspects. “While the use of genetic testing has become more common, its complexity has often left both consumers and physicians without the expert guidance they need to decide which tests are most appropriate, what their test results mean—or whether they should have genetic testing at all,” said Brandon Cady, president and CEO of AIM Specialty Health, the wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem that designed and administers Genetic Testing Solution.

To improve genetic test usage, Genetic Testing Solution incorporates genetic counseling and coordination with genetic testing laboratories into the clinical review process for testing requests. The initiative will also implement a real-time automated system to deliver prior test authorizations to healthcare providers, which Anthem expects will significantly reduce the average time for submitting and processing insurance claims for genetic tests. The program was launched on July 1 among fully insured and self-insured Anthem Blue Cross members, and national account members will be added in 2018.