Veracyte has joined forces with Quest Diagnostics to extend access to Afirma Gene Expression Classifier (GEC), a genomic laboratory-developed test that aids in thyroid cancer diagnosis. Veracyte currently makes the Afirma GEC available to physicians at select institutions and community-practice settings who perform fine needle aspiration biopsies to evaluate thyroid nodules for potential cancer. Under this agreement, Quest’s physician client base will also be able to order the test and refer patient specimens to Veracyte for genomic testing when the cytopathology results of thyroid biopsies are not clearly benign or malignant. “Indeterminate thyroid nodules pose a significant challenge to physicians and patients, and many people have undergone unnecessary surgeries because it was difficult to rule out cancer in advance,” said Christopher C. Fikry, MD, general manager of oncology at Quest Diagnostics. “The Afirma GEC is a terrific example of how diagnostic innovation can help replace uncertainty with clarity to promote better care and outcomes.”