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AACC Launches Directed Donations Program

Building on a long track record of offering travel and education awards to students, trainees, and other young professionals from around the world, AACC has created a streamlined way for donors to tailor their giving. Under the new AACC Directed Donations program, donors will have the ability to easily customize their own philanthropy and give directly to support AACC awards and grants of their choice.

The Directed Donations program marks a transition for AACC's Van Slyke Foundation, from a separate entity back into the core of AACC operations. This change will result in 100% of donations going directly to the program of the donor's choice. "The new Directed Donations program is about AACC's commitment to advancing the practice of laboratory medicine and supporting laboratorians not only at the height of their careers, but also early in their careers when financial resources can be very limited," said AACC President Robert Christenson, PhD. "When donors help deserving scientists from around the world join us at our annual meeting or pursue their training and research goals, it benefits all of us in the profession."

The Directed Donations program will offer a transparent, seamless, and uniquely personalized platform for laboratorians to give back to their profession, emphasized AACC CEO Janet Kreizman. "AACC is excited about offering this new program, because we believe it strengthens our vital philanthropic programs, while at the same time enhancing the experience both for donors and awardees," Kreizman said.