Charting the Course for Improved Patient Care
Symposium Highlights AACC Harmonization Initiative
By Bill Malone

There is growing awareness that the lack of harmonization among different measurement procedures is a real risk to patients' safety and a barrier to evidence-based medicine. AACC is taking the lead in a new Global Harmonization Initiative that will coordinate the work of many stakeholders.


Clinical Lab Expo Breaks Records Again
Global IVD Market Pushes Past $50 Billion Mark
By Bill Malone

More than 700 exhibitors are filling the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase their new products and services. This record-breaking Clinical Lab Expo mirrors a robust in vitro diagnostics market, with explosive growth in emerging markets.


Proficiency Testing—Regulatory Requirement or Quality Improvement Vehicle?
Symposium Highlights Benefits of Accuracy-Based Surveys
By Genna Rollins

Proficiency testing is a regulatory requirement, but with new accuracy-based external quality assessment grading systems for at least some analytes, labs' views of PT and EQA are changing. Increasingly, these quality systems are being used to improve performance and enhance patient safety.


Bone Turnover— Markers Challenges and Controversies
International Panel of Experts Discuss Standardization Progress
By Genna Rollins

Advances in the understanding of bone biology coupled with new treatments for osteoporosis have underscored the need for and clinicians' interest in more robust measurement of bone turnover markers. Recently, a concerted international effort has started with the goal of achieving standardization of these important analytes.