New AACC Nominating Committee Members Elected to Serve in 2019

AACC is pleased to announce that the association membership has elected Patricia Jones, PhD, DABCC, FADLM, Amy K. Saenger, PhD, DABCC, FADLM, and Joely Straseski, PhD, DABCC, FADLM, to serve on AACC’s Nominating Committee from January 2019-July 2022. The Nominating Committee carries out the important task of ensuring that the association’s leadership comprises a diverse and highly talented group of individuals who represent the breadth of AACC’s members.

Dr. Jones serves as clinical director of the chemistry and metabolic disease laboratories at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and as a professor of pathology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She is also a clinical consultant for Dallas County Hospital and two university hospitals in Dallas and teaches residents and fellows in chemistry and testing for inborn errors of metabolism. She joined AACC in 1986 and served as president of the association in 2016, in addition to serving prior terms as president of AACC Academy and on the AACC Board of Directors.

Dr. Saenger is a clinical chemist, associate professor of laboratory medicine and pathology, and director of the advanced research and diagnostic laboratory at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. An AACC member since 2004, she currently serves as chair of AACC’s Lipids and Lipoproteins Division, as well as on the 2019 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee and AACC Awards Committee. She also received the AACC Young Investigator Award in 2010 and the AACC Academy George F. Grannis Award for Excellence in Research and Scientific Publication in 2008.

Dr. Straseski is an associate professor (clinical) in the department of pathology at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City, as well as the medical director of endocrinology and co-director of the automated core laboratories at ARUP Laboratories. In addition, she serves as the co-director of the clinical chemistry postdoctoral fellowship training program at the University of Utah. An AACC member since 2008, she is currently chair of the board of editors for Clinical Laboratory News, AACC’s flagship magazine, secretary of AACC’s Endocrinology Division, member-at-large of AACC’s Pediatric and Maternal-Fetal Division, and an ex officio member of the AACC Publications Core Committee.