AACC’s New Website Provides Laboratorians With Vital News and Information About Laboratory Medicine

AACC has redesigned its website to serve as a dynamic, one-stop resource for laboratory medicine. We encourage you to take the time to check out the site’s new offerings.

Through the redesigned site, AACC hopes to provide all laboratory medicine stakeholders with the clinically-relevant information you need to adapt to change in the healthcare world and find solutions to challenging patient problems.

Among the AACC website’s many new features, the most notable changes include:

Simplified Login Process

You will no longer need your AACC member/customer ID to login to aacc.org.

To login to the new site, simply go to the login page and:

  • Enter the email address that AACC uses for all communications with you
  • Enter your current aacc.org password

More Essential Content

AACC’s redesigned website includes new sections that provide you with vital news and information on laboratory medicine:

  • Areas of Interest – an easy-to-search compendium of current information on major scientific, management, and policy/regulatory topics that are relevant to the laboratory medicine community.
  • Laboratory Medicine News – a frequently updated page that features the latest news from AACC and other trusted health news sources on advancements in research, clinical practice, policy, and technology.

New Online Platform for Member Networking

AACC Artery is the association’s new online member community and is designed to connect AACC members to each other and to vital information in the field. 

This online member community will allow you to expand your professional network, consult with subject experts, share experiences and best practices with peers, and find new ways to communicate, collaborate, and stay in touch with colleagues.

To visit and participate in AACC Artery:

  • Login to the AACC website
  • Click on “Community” in the top rail
  • Click on the “Visit AACC Artery” button on the Community page

Streamlined Navigation

    Additionally, the new website’s simple navigation will allow you to quickly find information on educational programs, meetings, and policy initiatives in the field.

    Questions About the New Site?

    If you have any problems with or questions about the new site, please email AACC Customer Service or call 1.800.892.1400 or 1.202.857.0717.

    We hope that you enjoy the valuable new resources AACC’s redesigned website provides.