AACC Local Sections Compete in First Ever Local Section Membership Challenge

At the start of this year, AACC launched its first ever Local Section Membership Recruitment Challenge, which asked each Local Section to recruit 25 new members by October 31, 2014.

Now that the challenge has come to a close, AACC is pleased to announce that through it, our Local Sections recruited 96 new members in total.

We would especially like to acknowledge this year’s challenge winners:

Northeast Section
Most Recruited Members by a Local Section

North Carolina Section
Most Recruited Members as a Percentage of Overall Section Size

Thank you and congratulations to all Local Sections for the effort you dedicated to member recruitment.

Next year’s AACC membership challenge will launch in January 2015. Named “Strive for 25,” this contest will build on the success of 2014’s by once more challenging Local Sections to recruit 25 new members, this time by October 1, 2015.

Local Sections that win the challenge will receive funds and/or a free webinar.

Details will be available soon on AACC’s Local Section page.