In July 2023, we changed our name from AACC (short for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry) to the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM). The following page links to resources that were written prior to the rebranding and/or mentions events that took place prior to the rebranding and that contain mentions of the association’s old name.

AACC continually tracks legislative and regulatory issues of importance to clinical laboratories and the clinical laboratory profession. This is a listing of AACC's 2013 comment letters. AACC commented on a wide range of topics to federal and state authorities.

Legislative Issues

AACC endorsed Senate legislation reauthorization the federal newborn screening program


AACC endorsed legislation supporting advances in newborn screening programs


AACC urged congressional leaders to support federal funding for the National Children's Study


AACC joined with the Friends of AHRQ in supporting the President's FY'14 budget request for AHRQ


AACC wrote to congressional leaders opposing an extension of the 1.75 percent cut in the lab CPI update


AACC joined with other Associations in opposing restrictions on federal employee attendance at educational meetings


AACC objected to the adoption of a laboratory copayment


AACC provided feedback to NCS regarding proposed Medicare edits


AACC endorsed Senate legislation to repeal the medical device tax


AACC endorsed legislation repealing the medical device excise tax


AACC endorsed legislation eliminating the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which can implement cuts in Medicare payments without congressional involvement


Regulatory Issues

AACC recommended that CMS reconsider including laboratory tests with the Ambulatory Payment Classification system


AACC joined with other laboratory groups in opposing additional cuts in pathology services


AACC wrote to CMS questioning the validity of its plan to reduce lab payments based on advances in technology


AACC joined with the American Academy of Pain Medicine in opposing Palmetto's decision to stop reimbursing for specimen validity testing


AACC joined with the Clinical Laboratory Coalition in raising objections to an OIG report recommending cuts in laboratory reimbursement


AACC wrote to CMS express concerns about it was pricing the new molecular pathology codes


AACC provided comments to CMS regarding changes to its PT rule