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Here is a sampling of 2016 media coverage of the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (formerly AACC), its journals Clinical Chemistry and The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine, and its former patient health site, (Lab Tests Online is no longer an Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine program.)

Life Science Controversies of 2016

DEC.23.2016 // The Scientist
In August, Holmes gave a presentation at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, in which—rather than addressing her firm’s existing technologies and issues—she presented the idea behind a new device, dubbed “miniLab.”

How Biotin Could Mess With Your Blood Work
DEC.14.2016 // Allure
A study in Clinical Laboratory News found that taking high doses of the vitamin might skew diagnostic test results, leading to false positives or false negatives for pregnancy, fertility, and even cancer screenings and monitoring.

President Obama has signed into law legislation to fund cancer research and battling drug abuse
DEC.13.2016 // WAGM TV
The Next Generation Researchers Act will establish the Next Generation of Researchers Initiative within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of the Director to coordinate all current and new NIH policies to promote opportunities for our new scientists and earlier research independence.

Taking This Popular Supplement Can Screw Up Cancer Screening Results
DEC.9.2016 // Glamour
According to a new American Association for Clinical Chemistry report, biotin can lead to misreadings of hormone levels.

The past, present and future of FDA regulation of LDTs
DEC.9.2016 // Med City News
It has been more than two years since FDA notified Congress of its intention to issue draft guidance on a proposed regulatory framework for the oversight by FDA of laboratory developed tests.

More Americans Are Smoking Marijuana And Driving, But Identifying Them Is Tricky
DEC.2.2016 // Forbes
Huestis coauthored a study published in the February issue of Clinical Chemistry that found THC blood levels dropped from well above the legal threshold set by some states to below it within only about 3 1/2 hours of inhaling vaporized THC.

The Rise and Fall of a Disruptive Company: Theranos and its 32-year-old founder Elizabeth Holmes face probes and lawsuits
OCT.14.2016 // Epoch Times
“She went into the field of laboratory medicine without any kind of understanding of the strict regulatory environment,” said Dr. Patricia Jones, the president of American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

Downfall of a unicorn: How Theranos fell apart
OCT.10.2016 // BioPharmaDIVE
Last week, Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes penned an open letter announcing the blood-testing startup would close its clinical labs and collection sites, laying off hundreds of employees in the process.

Bad Blood: The Decline And Fall Of Elizabeth Holmes And Theranos
OCT.8.2016 // Forbes
On October 5, Theranos got out of the business of drawing blood entirely. What happened?

Theranos seeks turnaround with a portable blood-testing device, but skepticism abounds
OCT.6.2016 // The Los Angeles Times
“There is a lot of skepticism,” said Patricia Jones, president of the American Assn. of Clinical Chemistry. “The verdict is still out.”

Theranos to Close Labs and Lay Off 340 Workers
OCT.5.2016 // The New York Times
In making the announcement, Ms. Holmes, who founded Theranos as Silicon Valley’s answer to conventional blood testing, completed the pivot she first proposed this past August.

Theranos will close labs and fire 340 employees
OCT.5.2016 // The Verge
The company will also develop the blood-testing device it showed off at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, called the "miniLab," which is the size of a computer printer.

Theranos is closing its labs and Wellness Centers
OCT.5.2016 // Engadget
Despite all those issues, the company introduced the miniLab, which is different from its older proprietary machine called Edison, at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in August.

Senate holds hearing to determine FDA oversight of laboratory developed tests
SEP.26.2016 // Life Science Daily
A senate hearing on laboratory testing was held on Tuesday to determine if regulation of laboratory developed tests (LDTs) should remain under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), or if Food & Drug Administration (FDA) oversight should be expanded.

Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down
SEP.06.2016 // Vanity Fair
In August, she flew to Philadelphia to speak at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s annual conference. The audience was hoping that Holmes would answer questions about her Edison technology and explain whether or not she knew it was a sham.

Theranos Halts New Zika Test After FDA Inspection
AUG.30.2016 // The Wall Street Journal
Theranos’s news release on Aug. 1 as Ms. Holmes spoke at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s annual meeting said the company believed no other test for Zika that uses tiny blood samples collected by finger sticks was available.

Cuyahoga Falls biz brings the medical testing to you
AUG.28.2016 // Crain's Cleveland Business
Haymond, a member of the Washington, D.C.-based American Association for Clinical Chemistry, said at-home testing can offer patients access to information and cost transparency, which can be empowering and are “certainly positive,” but a lot of unknowns remain about who’s using the tests, what their motivations are and how they’re using the results.

Theranos fights back
AUG.26.2016 // Business Insider
Earlier this month, Theranos debuted a new blood-testing system at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's annual conference — its first medical conference appearance — that included a machine that takes the sample of blood and processes it so it can give a diagnosis or tell you your cholesterol level.

Theranos to Appeal Severe Government Sanctions
AUG.26.2016 // KQED
Earlier this month, Holmes attempted a fresh start by giving a much-anticipated presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

DNC Gives Philly Hotels 'Blockbuster' Summer, CVB Reports
AUG.18.2016 // Successful Meetings
Among the other events hosted in Philadelphia this summer were the Drug Information Association ($21.7 million in economic impact), the AME Church Bicentennial ($21.2 million), the American Podiatric Medical Association ($7.8 million in economic impact), the AVID Summer Institute ($8.2 million), and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry ($39.8 million).

Precision Medicine: Little Benefit So Far, But Lots of Hope
AUG.16.2016 // KQED
“In the majority of the clinical trials, the benefit has been very small, measured as two months of longer survival,” Antonio Fojo, an oncologist at Columbia University reported at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in July.

Lesson of Theranos: Fact-Checking Alone Isn't Enough
AUG.8.2016 // Bloomberg View
You don’t have to be a scientist to see what was wrong with the outsized claims of Elizabeth Holmes, self-proclaimed medical disruptor.

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Had the Chance for Redemption – and She Blew It
AUG.5.2016 // Fortune
In a highly anticipated event, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes faced a crowd of more than a thousand of the world’s foremost experts on laboratory testing and medicine.

Biotech Roundup: Biogen Rumors, Theranos, Electro-Drugs & More
AUG.5.2016 // Xconomy
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes spoke at a conference for laboratory scientists this week in Philadelphia.

The Medical Community Isn’t Letting Theranos Off the Hook
AUG.4.2016 // Vanity Fair
An expert in the field of laboratory medicine weighs in on what went wrong at Theranos—and if Elizabeth Holmes has any hope of redemption.

Theranos Presents New Device to Lab Scientists at AACC
AUG.4.2016 // Laboratory Equipment
This week, embattled Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes took her technology somewhere it had never gone before: a scientific laboratory conference.

Vilified start-up Theranos seeks second chance at Philly conference
AUG.3.2016 // Philadelphia Inquirer
Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of the once-celebrated biotech start-up Theranos Inc., came to Philadelphia on Monday with a mission.

‘Wakeup Call’ for Neurontin Abuse
AUG.3.2016 // Pain News Network
A drug that is often prescribed as an alternative to opioid pain medication is increasingly being abused by patients, according to a small study that found one out of five patients taking the drug illicitly.

Theranos CEO hopes "miniLab" may save company
AUG.2.2016 // CBS News
Elizabeth Holmes, who effectively became the youngest self-made female billionaire, is trying to rebuild her bio-tech brand after a series of missteps.

How Theranos’s reboot could backfire
AUG.2.2016 // The Washington Post
Theranos chief executive Elizabeth Holmes tried to kick off the beleaguered company's comeback story on Monday in front of a few thousand scientists and doctors.

Theranos Makes Case to Laboratory Experts
AUG.2.2016 // The Wall Street Journal
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes announced a new blood-testing device called "miniLab" Monday at a professional conference of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Theranos Had a Chance to Clear Its Name. Instead, It Tried to Pivot
AUG.2.2016 // Wired
Many of the people gathered in that conference room at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry were probably expecting the company to address those allegations, with data.

Elizabeth Holmes Is Being Accused of Pulling a ‘Bait and Switch’
AUG.2.2016 // Fortune
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes pulled what some are calling a bait and switch, introducing new technology called the miniLab instead of addressing her company's highly publicized medical accuracy concerns.

The Founder of Theranos Tries to Change the Subject
AUG.2.2016 // The New Yorker
On Monday, Patricia Jones, the president of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, made an unusual introduction at the sixty-eighth Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, in Philadelphia.

Theranos presented new products to scientists who were expecting data — and it didn't go over well
AUG.2.2016 // Business Insider
At Theranos' first presentation at a scientific conference, the information that was shared felt more like a product reveal than a discussion of the data that would help validate the company's blood-testing system.

Theranos chief pitches new blood-testing device amid caution
AUG.2.2016 // Chicago Tribune
Holmes pitched her presentation as an "inflection point," as she works to forge relations with the scientific and medical community.

Theranos CEO Faces Critics, Presents New Product Plans
AUG.2.2016 // Scientific American
It was her first public appearance since the privately held company and Holmes personally were sanctioned by the U.S. government's Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Theranos ignores scandal and shows off new blood-testing machine
AUG.2.2016 // The Verge
Only one Theranos blood testing product has been approved by the FDA so far — a herpes test — while the company's others were covered by a regulatory loophole that allowed them to be sold as lab-developed tests.

Theranos CEO unveils 'miniLab' at Philadelphia conference
AUG.2.2016 // Philadelphia Business Journal
The product, which is about the size of a bread machine, has not yet been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for approval.

With chance to soothe Theranos’ critics with data, Holmes gives sales pitch
AUG.2.2016 // Ars Technica
Holmes spent her entire 45-minute time slot talking about a new blood testing device called the miniLab. Any questions about the company's old, disastrous blood testing device (the Edison) were flatly refused—even including questions about the differences between the Edison and miniLab.

One question got at the heart of all the confusion around the technology Theranos uses
AUG.2.2016 // Business Insider
Theranos presented its technology to an audience on Monday packed with scientists who know the blood-testing world inside and out. And it didn't go quite as people expected.

Theranos chief pitches new blood-testing device amid caution
AUG.2.2016 // Chicago Tribune
Holmes, who spoke at a meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, avoided the long list of regulatory and credibility problems that face the company she founded in 2003, when she was 19.

Skeptical reaction at Theranos' coming out party
AUG.2.2016 // CNN
The American Association of Clinical Chemistry has one of the more popular professional conventions in the science world, but when security had to scold a scientist for running to get one of the limited number of seats for a presentation, it may have been an association first.

Theranos intros new 'fingerprick' testing tech despite its woes
AUG.2.2016 // Engadget
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has introduced a 95-pound testing device called "miniLab" at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry meeting in Philadelphia.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes trades new, unproven tech for old
AUG.2.2016 // San Francisco Chronicle
At this point, you’ve got to wonder whether Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is just making it up as she goes along, or if her actions constitute some kind of mad, genius plan.

What Elizabeth Holmes did and didn't disclose about Theranos at AACC
AUG.2.2016 // Becker's Hospital Review
Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, took the stage Monday evening at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in Philadelphia to present new technologies and prove there is more to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup than a series of clinical laboratory issues.

ANGLE’s Parsortix to be in focus at AACC annual meeting
AUG.2.2016 // Proactive Investors
ANGLE PLC’s (OTCMKTS:ANPCY, LON:AGL) Parsortix device will be the focus of a poster presentation at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual meeting later today.

Innovative Test That Could Predict Risk of Kidney Failure in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Patients Announced at 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
AUG.2.2016 // Yahoo News
Researchers have successfully tested a new method for the early diagnosis in children and teenagers of diabetic nephropathy, a serious complication of diabetes that can increase risk of death.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Offering for Clinical Applications at AACC 2016
AUG.2.2016 // Yahoo News
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (TMO), the world leader in serving science, will exhibit its expanded offering of new assays, instruments and software at the 2016 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo being held July 31 - August 4 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

New diagnostic tool could make detecting Zika cheap and easy
AUG.1.2016 // The Verge
A new diagnostic tool could make detecting Zika infection in patients much easier and cheaper in remote areas of Latin and Central America.

Theranos, Embattled Laboratory, Shifts to Medical Machines
AUG.1.2016 // The New York Times
Elizabeth Holmes tried to salvage the reputation of her embattled blood-testing company here on Monday, discussing its technology and data at a scientific meeting for the first time.

Under siege, Theranos introduces a new technology
AUG.1.2016 // Washington Post
With her controversial blood-testing company under intense federal scrutiny, Theranos chief executive Elizabeth Holmes took the stage before hundreds of medical laboratory experts on Monday to present a new blood-testing device and bat down questions about a series of blunders that have thrust the company into crisis.

Theranos Makes Case to Laboratory Experts
AUG.1.2016 // The Wall Street Journal
Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes announced a new blood-testing device at an academic conference here Monday but didn’t address problems found with the company’s earlier machines.

Expecting Data From Theranos, Lab Experts Get New Product
AUG.1.2016 // Bloomberg
It was expected to be an academic presentation to show if Theranos Inc.’s controversial blood-testing technology worked, and perhaps explain the science behind the claims that the startup could do lab tests with a fraction of the blood and cost of traditional machines.

Theranos just presented in front of thousands of scientists, but some big questions remain
AUG.1.2016 // Business Insider
Theranos, the Silicon Valley blood-testing company that's been under fire for almost a year, presented at a scientific conference for the first time on Monday.

Here's how Theranos CEO plans to lift the lid on its testing methods
AUG.1.2016 // CNBC
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes outlined the steps she will take to increase transparency regarding the efficacy of the company's testing methods.

Live Blog: Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes Presents New Blood-Testing Machine
AUG.1.2016 // Forbes
Elizabeth Holmes is personally presenting data about a new machine developed by her embattled blood testing startup, Theranos, here at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. For my early thoughts on the presentation, read this. I’ll be live-blogging the presentation until my laptop battery dies.

Theranos' Highly-Anticipated Defense of Its Tech Is Called a 'Bait-and-Switch'
AUG.1.2016 // Fortune
Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of embattled blood testing company Theranos, was expected by many to share information about her controversial diagnostics technology during a highly anticipated appearance at a medical conference on Monday.

Elizabeth Holmes’s First Public Presentation of Theranos Data Falls Short
AUG.1.2016 // Vanity Fair
Attendees of Elizabeth Holmes’s highly anticipated (and somewhat controversial) presentation at a healthcare convention in Philadelphia probably expected the embattled Theranos C.E.O. to focus on defending her company’s signature blood-testing technology, which has come under intense scrutiny from regulators.

Scientists Wanted Transparency From Theranos, But Got A Product Launch Instead
AUG.1.2016 // Fast Company
Theranos once promised to revolutionize the blood testing industry. But its methodology remains secretive, despite calls for transparency from the scientific community.

Theranos Unveils “MiniLab” Invention to a Skeptical Audience
AUG.1.2016 // MIT Technology Review
Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of embattled blood-testing company Theranos, on Monday boldly took her company’s technology where it had never gone before: a medical conference.

Theranos CEO faces critics, presents new product plans
AUG.1.2016 // Yahoo News
Members of the audience applauded several times when doctors on the stage challenged aspects of Theranos technology.

Theranos CEO faces critics, presents new product plans
AUG.1.2016 // Reuters
Prior to introducing Holmes, association president Patricia Jones said the organization does not endorse Theranos. "We're all aware that there have been some suggestions about whether we'll see some science today and the viability of Theranos technology," Jones said.

Theranos CEO speaks at AACC
AUG.1.2016 // CNBC
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes tries to convince experts her company's controversial blood testing technology actually works at the AACC. 

Embattled leader of Theranos pitches new blood-testing device
AUG.1.2016 // Houston Chronicle
It was expected to be an academic presentation to show if Theranos's controversial blood-testing technology worked, and perhaps explain the science behind the claims that the startup could do lab tests with a fraction of the blood and cost of traditional machines.

BRIEF-Theranos unveils diagnostic-testing technologies at AACC meeting
AUG.1.2016 // Reuters
Theranos says "will be working with academic institutions and other independent parties to validate and publish our results."

Theranos CEO, In Philadelphia To Appeal To Scientific Community, Tries To Stop The Bleeding
AUG.1.2016 // CBS Philly
It’s been a bruising journey for Theranos, the Silicon Valley blood-testing startup once valued at $9 billion.

Theranos Tries to Quell Doubts With New Blood Test Platform, but Shows Scant Data
AUG.1.2016 // STAT
A long-awaited scientific presentation by Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes on Monday amounted to a plea and a promise: Forget the past. We’ll redeem ourselves soon.

A key test for Theranos CEO: Convincing the experts
AUG.1.2016 // CNBC
Elizabeth Holmes, the young CEO of blood-testing start-up Theranos, has had a standing invitation for the past few years to present at the annual summit for laboratory medicine, the conference of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Theranos' Hail Mary pass: A tabletop laboratory
AUG.1.2016 // CNN
Today, the controversial biotech startup Theranos will go where it has never been before: a scientific conference.

Embattled Theranos chief plans to reveal science behind ‘groundbreaking’ technology, amid skepticism
AUG.1.2016 // The Washington Post
The Silicon Valley startup has said chief executive Elizabeth Holmes will finally pull back the curtain on its science on Monday afternoon at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in Philadelphia.

Theranos has a lot to prove when it presents data on its blood tests — here's what to expect
AUG.1.2016 // Business Insider
On Monday afternoon, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will have a chance at some redemption. She is presenting data on the company's controversial "revolutionary" tests that take only a finger-prick's worth of blood.

Philly swings from Dems to Chems, as the DNC ends and a chemists' confab begins
JUL.31.2016 //
On Monday afternoon, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will have a chance at some redemption. She is presenting data on the company's controversial "revolutionary" tests that take only a finger-prick's worth of blood.

Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes to Face 1,000 Scientists Monday
JUL.29.2016 // KQED
Holmes will present, for the first time and in front of hundreds of lab experts, “reproducibility and correlation data” for the blood-testing technology her company claims to have developed but has never proven to the satisfaction of the scientific community.

Theranos Advisor Says Embattled Company Has 'Exciting Future Ahead'
JUL.19.2016 // Fortune
Blood testing company Theranos may be under federal investigation and its CEO banned from operating a lab for two years, but it still has at least one believer.

Under Fire, Theranos CEO Stifled Bad News
JUL.10.2016 // Wall Street Journal
Shortly after the new advisory board’s appointment, Ms. Holmes accepted an invitation to present Theranos’s fingerprick-testing technology and clinical data at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s annual meeting on Aug. 1 in Philadelphia.

Challenges Loom for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
JUL.5.2016 // GEN
The Cube is a PCR-based platform designed to go from sample to result in 30 minutes. The Cube will be launched next month at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) meeting in Philadelphia, and made available for purchase soon after.

Theranos faces congressional inquiry over faulty blood tests
JUL.5.2016 // Tech Crunch
Theranos says it looks forward to clearing things up for these lawmakers. “Patient safety and clinical quality are our top priorities,” Theranos said in a statement.

We Can Improve At-Home Lab Tests
JUN.28.2016 // U.S. News and World Report
Only 12 percent of American adults have proficient health literacy. The situation may be worse for lab tests, since there is a general lack of awareness of their limitations. In light of the inevitability of more testing like this, professional societies, such as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, have issued recent position statements on this topic.

Theranos Says It Will Share Blood-Test Information in August
JUN.20.2016 // Managed Care Magazine
An abstract released by the AACC indicates that Holmes will present data on how the finger-prick test works and how it compares with standard blood-draw tests.

Something May Be Working At Theranos, But You Don't Know What It Is
JUN.17.2016 // Forbes
Holmes is going to be presenting some information at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in August, but it still won’t be a normal scientific presentation that is peer-reviewed ahead of time.

Theranos Promises to Share Its Research in August
JUN.16.2016 // Inc.
But when Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos' founder and CEO, speaks at the annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry this August, she may actually face a somewhat sympathetic audience, says Dr. Patricia Jones, the president of the AACC and the clinical director of chemistry for the Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Theranos is finally going to share data on its blood tests — here's what to expect
JUN.15.2016 // Business Insider
That's going to be a big deal because Theranos has not publicly shared any data, saying that it'd rather go through the FDA process.

Walgreens gives up on embattled Silicon Valley startup Theranos
JUN.13.2016 // The Washington Post
Holmes this summer will present scientific information about Theranos's technologies at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's conference — something she has been invited to do at least once in the past and declined, according to AACC President Patricia Jones.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes takes big gamble at conference
JUN.10.2016 // San Francisco Chronicle
The embattled Theranos founder and CEO, soon to be played by actress Jennifer Lawrence in a movie based on her company’s recent battles, has agreed to present the company’s blood-testing technology at a major medical conference Aug. 1.

This four-inch cube is the world's smallest DNA tester
JUN.4.2016 // Business Insider
The company plans on making the initial “assays,” or scannable test kits, available at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s Clinical Lab Expo in Philadelphia on July 31.

Theranos Says Only 1% of Results Affected; Some Doubt Tests
JUN.3.2016 // Bloomberg
Theranos has yet to present peer-reviewed studies showing that its technology works, though it has said it will present some data at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s annual meeting, which starts on July 31.

And the self-made women of the year are
JUN.3.2016 // Verily Magazine
Holmes is scheduled to speak at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in August and so far appears ready to defend herself.

Elizabeth Holmes, Founder of Theranos, Falls From Highest Perch Off Forbes List
JUN.1.2016 // The New York Times
Ms. Holmes, 32, who has repeatedly vowed to reveal all, is now expected to present some data to the public in August at the annual meeting of the AACC, formerly the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. 

From $4.5 Billion To Nothing: Forbes Revises Estimated Net Worth Of Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes
JUN.1.2016 // Forbes
Last year, Elizabeth Holmes topped the Forbes list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women with a net worth of $4.5 billion. Today, Forbes is lowering our estimate of her net worth to nothing.

Why Are Theranos's Scientific Advisers Staying Quiet?
MAY.25.2016 // Inc.
Instead, she said, the next time anyone would hear from Theranos publicly would be on August 1, when Holmes is scheduled to give an address at the annual scientific meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, in Philadelphia.

Theranos plans bold expansion even as it reels from new setbacks
MAY.19.2016 // STAT
Holmes is slated to unveil some data this summer before the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Medical laboratory science grads in Minnesota are well paid and sought after. So why aren't universities producing more of them?
MAY.18.2016 // MinnPost
Nationwide, though MLS education programs produce 6,000 medical laboratory professionals each year, more than 7,000 laboratory jobs become available, according to a report released last November by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Dennis Lo
MAY.11.2016 // Asian Scientist
Even when faced with setbacks at turning points in his career, Lo persisted in his research, developing non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tests that are now used around the world.

What Everyone Should Know About Lab Tests
MAY.09.2016 // Scientific American
A new study estimates that in the United States, some 251,000 deaths per year occur because of errors in medical care.

Theranos Director Defends CEO, Says Investors Have Faith
APR.19.2016 // Bloomberg
Theranos Inc. board member David Boies defended Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Holmes on Tuesday, saying she has the management and scientific skills to lead the blood-testing startup despite criminal and civil investigations of the company by U.S. authorities.

Theranos is planning on doing something this summer it's never done before
APR.19.2016 // Business Insider
One of the biggest criticisms of controversial blood-testing startup Theranos has been simple: Where's the data? But now we may finally know — at least as soon as this summer.

When does hyping a product become a criminal act? Theranos may be about to find out
APR.19.2016 // STAT
When does hype cross the line into illegal activity? That’s the big question animating criminal and civil probes into Theranos, the once high-flying Silicon Valley startup that aimed to revolutionize medical testing by developing technology that could perform an array of lab tests with just a few drops of blood.

Elizabeth Holmes to Present Theranos Data at Scientific Conference
APR.18.2016 // KQED
In what is sure to be a hot ticket this summer, Elizabeth Holmes is going to present data on Theranos’ technology at a meeting of scientists well-equipped to judge its validity.

Elizabeth Holmes to finally unveil Theranos data in August — if she lasts
APR.18.2016 // MedCity News
Holmes plans on finally pulling back the veil on the company’s “nanotainers,” its Edison device and other proprietary research in August at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry‘s annual scientific meeting.

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Is Facing a Ban by Regulators
APR.13.2016 // Fortune
Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes may be forced out of her company after federal regulators proposed banning her for at least two years after she didn’t fix major problems at its California laboratory.

Changes Are Coming: What You Need to Know About Laboratory Developed Tests
APR.13.2016 // Laboratory Equipment
Although regulated, laboratory developed tests have enjoyed less oversight than other FDA products for the most part—but that’s all about to change.

Should Consumers Be Allowed to Order Their Own Lab Tests?
APR.10.2016 // Wall Street Journal
There is plenty of information available to assist people in monitoring their own health. Lab Tests Online, for example, was developed by lab professionals to help patients and providers navigate the nuances of testing.

Power Sheet - April 8, 2016
APR.08.2016 // Fortune
Elizabeth Holmes's company announced it's adding six members to its medical board, five of whom have served as president or board members of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Theranos bolsters scientific board after independent technology review
APR.08.2016 // Fierce Medical Devices
Now, following independent scientific review of its contentious technology, the Palo Alto, CA-based upstart has boosted the ranks of its scientific advisory board.

The Broadsheet: April 8th
APR.08.2016 // Yahoo News
Speaking of Elizabeth Holmes: Theranos, her troubled blood-testing startup, announced that it has assembled what Fortune's Roger Parloff calls "a startlingly well-qualified medical advisory board." Former president of the American Association For Clinical Chemistry Susan Evans and Ann Gronowski of the Washington University School of Medicine are among the members.

Theranos Expands Scientific Board; CEO Says Data Will Be Shared
APR.07.2016 // Bloomberg
Theranos Inc., the blood-testing startup facing regulatory scrutiny, added physicians from prominent hospitals to its scientific and medical advisory board in a push to help persuade skeptics that the secretive company’s technology is viable.

Theranos Adds Startlingly Well-Qualified Medical Board
APR.07.2016 // Fortune
But it’s unclear precisely what it will do.

Theranos adds a bunch of qualified medical experts and scientists to the board
APR.07.2016 // Tech Crunch
Theranos has taken a pretty damning hit in a string of bad news reports over the past year but it looks like the one drop blood analysis company is trying to turn things around.

Theranos Announces Leading Medical and Laboratory Experts Join Scientific and Medical Advisory Board
APR.07.2016 // NBC12 WWBT
Theranos today announced that nationally respected laboratory and medical experts have joined the company’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

Theranos expands medical advisory board as it awaits word from regulators
APR.07.2016 // Silicon Valley Business Journal
Theranos said on Thursday that it has expanded its scientific and medical advisory board after hosting three scientific review sessions in Palo Alto.

Theranos Beefs Up Board in Light of Lab Problems
APR.07.2016 // Medtech Pulse
Reeling from months of negative press coverage and warnings from CMS and FDA, Theranos is beefing up its scientific and medical advisory board with eight medical and lab testing experts.

More Insurance Companies Now Paying for Fibromyalgia Blood Test
APR.04.2016 // National Pain Report
Do you have a family member, friend or physician who doubts you have fibromyalgia? Well, there’s a little-known test you may not have heard of that could finally prove you’re really sick.

Inaccurate Cholesterol Tests from Theranos
MAR.29.2016 // The Scientist
The company’s finger-prick tests yield cholesterol levels notably lower than results of traditional blood draw tests from two other large companies, according to a study.

Study Raises Questions About Accuracy of Some Theranos Blood Tests
MAR.28.2016 // The Washington Post
A new study has found that the proprietary technology behind the embattled blood-testing startup Theranos was substantially more likely to flag results as abnormally high or low compared with other companies -- a difference that raises concerns about the accuracy of those Theranos tests.

A Top Medical Institution Ran a Secret Study on Theranos — Here's What They Found
MAR.28.2016 // Tech Insider
Medical researchers have finally gone and run the study on blood testing startup Theranos that observers have been waiting for.

Voice, DNA, Fingerprint and Others: How 5 Biometric Security Solutions Compare
MAR.18.2016 // Computer Business Review
At a 2015 American Association for Clinical Chemistry event, researchers presented a low-cost platform to detect chlamydia that integrates sample preparation, DNA amplification and data processing in an instrument the size of a coffee mug.

Is Theranos Too Good To Be True?
FEB.13.2016 // Forbes
Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, the company valued at approximately $9 billion, with celebrities like Henry Kissinger on its board, has a helluva story.

Endocrine Society Issues New Guidelines for Primary Adrenal Insufficiency
FEB.03.2016 // MD Magazine
The Endocrine Society released a new clinical practice guideline covering diagnosis and treatment of primary adrenal insufficiency in January 2016. The European Society of Endocrinology and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry co-sponsored this document.

Riding High: Pot-Smoking Drivers Evade Blood Tests
FEB.03.2016 // Live Science
People who drive after smoking marijuana are at greater risk of car crashes, but blood tests to check for the drug may not be a reliable way to catch impaired drivers, a new study suggests.

Here’s What Theranos Customers Need to Know
FEB.01.2016 // The Verge
A warning letter that the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sent to Theranos last week could have serious consequences for the blood testing company, which has been valued at $9 billion.

'More Skeptical Than Ever': Experts Respond to the Government's Warning Letter to Theranos
JAN.28.2016 // Tech Insider
Blood testing startup Theranos is under fire.

For Theranos, the Bad News Keeps Coming
JAN.26.2016 // KQED Science
So how much do Theranos employees not look forward to the morning delivery of The Wall Street Journal?

New PAI Guidelines Stress Importance of Treating Adrenal Crisis
JAN.21.2016 // Medscape
The first-ever guidelines from the Endocrine Society on diagnosis and management of primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI) call for the use of the high-dose corticotropin stimulatory test as the gold standard for diagnosis in adults, hydrocortisone as first-line therapy, and urgent treatment of adrenal crisis.

Endocrine Society Issues First-Ever Guidelines for Primary Adrenal Insufficiency
JAN.16.2016 // Clinical Endocrinology News
New guidelines on the diagnosis and management of primary adrenal insufficiency stress the importance of early recognition and the need to prevent life-threatening adrenal crises in these patients.

Emerging Proteomic Technologies: MALDI-TOF for Clinical Protein Quantitation
JAN.15.2016 // GenomeWeb
Asked recently by GenomeWeb what he saw as one of the most interesting emerging proteomic technologies, SISCAPA Assay Technology CEO Leigh Anderson highlighted TOF-based quantitation, in particular MALDI-TOF-based quantitation.

JP Morgan Healthcare Day Three: Foundation Med; Cepheid; BD; Invitae; GenMark; Berry Genomics
JAN.14.2016 // GenomeWeb
The 34th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference entered its third day here Wednesday with several life science research tools and diagnostic firms making presentations to investors and other attendees.

Julie Coker Graham Named President/CEO of Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
JAN.07.2016 // Trade Show News Network (TSNN) Blog
Julie Coker Graham officially stepped into her new role Jan. 1 as the president and CEO of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB).

VTE Guide Shifts Emphasis to NOACs
JAN.07.2016 // MedPage Today
The newer oral anticoagulants (NOACs) are now recommended over vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin for initial and long-term treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in updated CHEST guidelines.